animation  artist CONTACT  ME home 2D animations 3D animations sketchbook contact about  me I  am  an  animator  and  artist. I  have  always  had  a  strong  passion  for everything  in  the  arts,  including  theater  and  music,  but  I  have  learned  that  my strongest  passion  lies  in  art  and  animation.  I  have  been  a  performer  my  entire  life  and love  having  the  opportunity  to  apply  my acting  and  theater  skills  to  drawing  and animation.  

I  graduated  from  the Art  Institute  of
California,  Orange  County  in  2010  with  a 
Bachelor’s  degree  in  Media  Arts  and  Animation.  I have  been  working  at  Obsidian  Entertainment  since  July  2010,  doing  character  design,  animation,  cutscene  design  and  cutscene  animation.  I  am  always  striving  to  learn  more  about  my  industry,  and  look  forward  to  future  opportunities  in  my  field! Contributed :  Character  Animation ,
Visual  Effects , cave and object lighting and texturing, editing and sound. social resume email Thank  you  for  stopping  by!
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